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                               is more exciting and precious than introducing a new member into the family. At the same time, the changes and shifts that are taking place can be overwhelming. Through the years of working with new parents and caregivers, and being a mom of 2 kiddos that struggled with postpartum depression, I know how hard it can be to hear that there’s something else you’re expected to fit into your sleepless schedule. Someone has asked you to do exercises or massage and get baby on the floor for so many minutes, so many times per day. It can be overwhelming and leave any parent or caregiver feeling defeated.

The idea behind Movement Moments Infant Massage is that it only takes a moment. It takes a moment to breathe. It takes a moment to address tension patterns. Most importantly, it only takes a moment to connect with your child, enhancing a bond you’ll share for a lifetime.

The Movement Moment Infant Massage Technique, also called the MoMo, has a deep focus on anatomy, positioning, movement, what is happening with the nervous system and educating the caregiver. The Movement Moments technique is for professionals AND for parents and caregivers. Therapists are taught hands-on infant massage techniques, nervous system regulation, tummy time techniques, breath work and how to effectively educate parents and caregivers. They are also taught to assess each infant or baby and choose the best activities


and techniques beneficial to them. Teachers are taught the same information, only without the hands on component.

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It is the main goal of Movement Moments Infant Massage to guide and educate parents and caregivers. Therapists and teachers will deliver the tools needed to assist each individual child in reaching optimal function in a way that works for each family. When we break it down and it only takes a moment, it can fit almost painlessly into an already hectic schedule.


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Movement Moments Infant Massage and MoMo logos! Each therapist and teacher who successfully completes the intense training will be given the ability to use the special designation on their personal website, cards and media.

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